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RE-05(Looper Pro)
Product details

Supporting up to 40 seconds, unlimited overlapping loop recording time

Containing reverb, chorus, delay , Tuner and Looper 5 kinds of effects on it!

The looper pro has 4 effect knobs, 1 Footswitch, 2 indicator light, 1 power LED, All of them are accurate and high sensitive.

FOOT SWITCH: Control ON/OFF upon True Bypass.

POWER LED: when the LED is on, it shows the pedal is in working status.

LEVEL rotary knob: Volume Adjustment Knob

DELAY rotary knob: Delay effect, adjust the time length of delay effect

CHORUS rotary knob: Chorus effect, adjust the depth of the chorus effect

REVERB rotary knob: Reverb effect, adjust the ratio of dry and wet reverb effect device

Dimensions: 112mm (D) x 60mm (W) X 45mm (H).

Weight: 350g.

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