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Auto Wah
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Auto wah

Digital automatic wah sound effect pedal, which can strengthen your voice and strengthen your music personality, is the most simple rhythm and the tonic counterpoint.

The Wah pedal can produce strong rhythm of ‘wah~wah’ sound.

There are wah effects in 3 different frequency, so you can feel the subtle differences in a rich emotional phrase

Strong adjustability automatic wah sound effect

Three peak working modes

Metal shell

Very small and exquisite

True bypass


Input:1/4" monaural jack (Impedance:10K Ohms)

Output:1/4" monaural jack(Impedance:1K Ohms)

Power requirements: DC 9V(Negative center)

Working current: 3mA

Dimensions: 95mm (D) x 45mm (W) X 53mm (H).

Weight: 278g (With box)

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