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Please kindly note: The footswitch is use only in "A or B" mode. In order to split your signal in an A + B mode, you need to use the small sliding switch that you cannot activate with your foot.
About Rowin ABY Pedal
Expand the versatility of your rig, switch between amplifiers or combine two signals with the this ABY pedal. With its distinctly smaller footprint and the full functionality of a full-sized ABY solution, the passive Rowin ABY box offers complete performance flexibility at the performance situation. To help you running your instrument through two amps simultaneously or switching between them easily and quickly.
Full metal shell, durable and exquisite.
A/B LED: Indicate channel A or B of micro ABY.
Channel A corresponding to red LED.
Channel B corresponding to green LED.
Both A and B corresponding to yellow LED.
A Jack: 1/4" mono audio jack for connecting instruments.
B Jack: 1/4" mono audio jack for connecting instruments.
Y Jack: 1/4" mono audio jack for connecting instruments.
Push down the foot switch to switch between channel A and B.
Effect: Line Selector
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Power supply: AC Adapter 9V DC (not included)
Item Size: 9 * 3.8 * 4.8cm / 3.5 * 1.5 * 1.8in
Item Weight: 137g / 4.8oz
Package Size: 12 * 7 * 6.5cm / 4.7 * 2.7 * 2.5in
Package Weight: 230g / 8.1oz

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